About me

2021, I have been living in Spain for over 17 years in the provence of Murcia. Before moving to Spain I lived in Kent in England. I was born and grew up in the Netherlands. As a child I was very interested in drawing and colouring with pencils. I very much liked the art lessons that we were given at college.

Years went by that I did not do anything with this hobby. My work and my family (mother of two beautiful sons) took all attention and energy.

In England I began painting in watercolours. That was a good challenge. Many british scenes were put on paper.

The move to Spain brought me a change of medium, I started painting with acrylics. How difficult it was in the beginning, but very quickly it grew on me. I went to some spanish painting artists who encouraged me working with this medium. Sometimes I paint in oils and that is also a challenge. I paint on canvasses or on wood with brushes and spatulas. As you will see my favourite subjects are street scenes, people and boats. Regularly I join in spanish workshops to learn from others.

Often I go to the Netherlands to see my children and grandchildren, three lovely boys of which the last two are twins.

Travelling through Europe gives me my main inspiration. In 2019 we went to Greece where we explored three beautiful islands. I painted a few scenes of dappeled light in the streets of the Chora on the beautiful island Amorgos.

I have exhibited in England and now I regularly exhibit in Spain. My most memorable exhibitions were in Las Casas Constituriales in Mazarrón en in El Centro Cultural in Lorca. Some of my paintings are exhibited in local businesses and galleries.

My painting “Evening Out” has been chosen for the official poster of the Carnaval in Lorca.

I hope you take your time enjoying browsing through my Gallery….!